section 1 - Purpose

Your brand’s purpose is your “WHY”.

WHY you have chosen to pursue your vision. WHY your brand matters outside of making you money.

Simon Sinek does the best job of explaining this concept in his Ted Talk and shows how the most influential companies and individuals such as Apple or Kanye West have used their WHY to motivate their fans to be a part of their brand story by supporting them along the way.

Here is the talk below

To be real, there is no clear cut way for you to define the purpose of your brand. As the artist your purpose should be something centered around your personal story in order to create an authentic platform.

What exactly does that mean? Here’s an example

50 Cent got shot 9 times and leveraged this story line all the way to the top.

Kanye West did the same thing when he rapped with his mouth wired shut on Through The Wire, after the car accident that almost killed him. They made sure everybody knew! Stories can create myth.

Stories can create connection. Most importantly, they drive perception. Once you decide what your story will be, there are numerous ways we can help you better communicate it to your audience.