WElcome to the uxu brand builder

At UxU, we believe that for the Long term success of any artist, a defined brand is the biggest deciding factor. After working with artists from different genres, creatives working with mediums, small businesses, and even some corporate level clients, we’ve seen a clear pattern that building a strong branding foundation is the best place to start. 

So… what is branding anyway?

Put simply, your “brand” is what someone thinks of when he or she hears your name.

When someone hears your name, what do you want them to think?
Always late? Lyricist? Stand Off-ish? Laid back? Multitalented?

Your brand name exists objectively; but we can control in how were perceived by what we show others.

We have been taught that branding only applies to companies or celebrities but everyone has a brand.

To be honest, everyone has multiple brands that determine the relationships we have with others.

Simply put, your brand is what someone views you as when they see/hear/think of you.

Look at it this way, for many people, their brand is defined by profession: lawyer, doctor, teacher, etc.
If you are an artist, your fans think of you as an artist, your parents on the other hand, may acknowledge that you’re an artist, but that comes after you being their child. This frame of perspective is what dictates how you respond to everything a person does or says. This applies to everyone; friends, classmates and others that know you from various parts of your life.

First impressions truly matter.

know what you don’t do

Figuring out how to brand yourself can be the hardest thing to do.
I personally had the biggest issue with choosing to be known for one thing because I enjoyed doing so many!
The best way I can suggest to start this process is by asking yourself a simple question.

“What DON’T you do?”

The foundation of great branding is understanding as much of what you do, as it is what you don’t do.
Knowing this will help you figure out what you should double down on and promote to the world.

After figuring out the Do’s and Don’ts of your brand, you need to have the discipline to stick to those decisions over the long term.

Today, artists have to be aware enough of their brands to turn down endorsements that don’t match their brand.
It can be costly to do things that are not “on-brand” for short term benefit.

Great brands are not built overnight but they can be ruined in an instant.

A strong brand foundation is built by defining various elements of yourself. In the next pages, we will cover each of them, but take note that you do not have to emphasis each element to make your brand stand out. Looking at the most successful artists, only one or two categories are focused on while the rest or monitored or ignored all together.

Let’s begin