Branding Survey Worksheet #1 

This worksheet is the first step of building your defined artist brand.
If you don’t have a “deep” answer to these questions, that is perfectly fine. It’s why you have help!

NOTICE: Understand that there is a REASON for each question. Answer them as fully as you can so we discuss them with you.

If you think you’re doing something 100% original, not only are you wrong, but you’re going to waste a lot of time.
The only way to understand what is unique about you, is to spend time understanding what isn't.

Reminder: The first step of any brand building activity to is define and understand your “Why”. Why you choose to do what you do? Why did you choose this path? Why do you matter?
Reminder: These are your brand’s personality and values – the way your brand behaves, speaks, and engages with the outside world.
Examples for the question above may include: boss, creative, artsy, activist, entrepreneur, funny, mysterious, intelligent, fun, etc
Examples would be: witty, wise, funny, ignorant, intellectual, laid back, etc
Reminder: When a brand makes a promise, it is communicating a guarantee of a particular form of value to its audience. These are the expectations fans will have for you. Most compelling brands have 1-3 core promises. Essentially, you’re answering this question, “what are the areas that it’s important for you to be consistent in?” Your promise can be anything: a quality/sound of music, an aesthetic, values, a particular message, fun, ratchet, etc.