Hello David


I’m sorry for the run around but I need the ability to be completely open with you and Fiverr is not the place to do so. 


I completely respect and applaud you for raising your pricing. Your work is phenomenal and your mindset toward design shows in each piece you create.

Because of this I want to make you an offer I have never done before for remote designers. 


I would like to invite you to join the UxU team as a logo designer. This would not change too much of the dynamic that we are have, but it would give you many benefits. Such as...

  1. You would be paid directly through the Cash App/PayPal/ or some other platform that is accepted in your country. I know this would help with the cut a third party platform takes from you using it to gain work. 

  2. You would be given your own UxU email address for correspondence and help you keep everything in one place for UxU projects. 

  3. Creative support on your personal projects. As an entrepreneur we at UxU know there’s many hats you have to wear to be successful. We would like to help anywhere we can with complimentary consultations for growth, design support such as web site design, content for social media, etc. Once you join the family we try to make sure you feel like one of us!

  4. Higher pay on client gigs. With you directly on my team, I will be able to increase our pricing for logos where you will be paid $75-90 for logo work. 


What I’d ask of you in return is lower pricing on in-house work that will be less scruntenous for completion times, detailed instructions for what’s needed to make your life easier, and understandable work loads. It wouldn’t be anymore work than what I come to you for now. The majority of work will be client work that you will be paid a higher premium for. 


Please let me know what you think below. I would like to keep our discussion on our own platform. If you feel more comfortable keeping all of our work through Fiverr, I completely understand. I enjoy working with you and I love the work you produce so I wanted to go out of my way to make this offer for you to try and maximize the value you receive for working with UxU. 


Thank you David, your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

Would you like to accept the offer? *