Music Monday 12.31.12 - Marlow

     We've featured Marlow before on the site when he released his video for South Beach Flow wearing the London Zhiloh Tee. He recently contacted us again with some of his new work and we decided to feature him this week on the site. Read on to learn more about him and watch some of his music videos.

     Marlow, aka HollyWoodLow, born Sha'Quan Williams, was raised in the metropolitan area of D.C, Maryland, and Virginia his entire life. He was raised by his mother who was a single parent, and they struggled early on in their life, even having to move to various shelters in the area. Once Marlow and his mom got some stability, and he started to mature, he grew an exceptional interest in music. Always knowing how to express himself through drawing, and creating stories, Marlow saw music as a way to express himself in a way that was more direct and therapeutic. When Marlow. entered high school, he decided to really give music a shot. His first recorded song, "Its Nuffin" was shelved however due to the content of the music, which wasn't really true to who Marlow was. So he decided to take a break from the music until his 11th grade year once he had his son, Elijah. He started out from ground zero, by recording songs on his computer for his own enjoyment and friends. It wasn't until he linked up with fellow cousin OverTyme and label Nu-Phase records, where he would reunite with the studio, and really dive into the music industry. During his run with OverTyme they recorded songs with Kurtis Blow, performed at the Zanzibar, Hogates, Marion Barry's Annual Ward events, various high schools and much more. Though things were looking exceptionally well at first, Marlow didn't see his future with the label, so he decided to leave and take another break with the industry. It wasn't until a fellow classmate of his by the name of TroyBoy, told him he wanted to rap with him. Not taking it serious at first, Marlow brushed it off, but TroyBoy was determined so in turn they recorded 'Ridin In My Car', a throwaway song that wasn't meant to be serious that caught fire quick. They then decided to create a group by the name of HD, and eventually crafted a mixtape by the name of 'Loyalty B4 Royalty' which was released to good to mixed reviews. The success of the mixtape, gave the two a good buzz to start off with. Despite the success however the group broke up for personal reasons, though the two are on good terms to this day. Marlow has since started his new organization and movement, ‘PCELVE’ directing his own videos, released his first single "Set For Life" and has began working on his debut project,


. There is no question that Marlow won't be taking any breaks from music anytime soon. When asked about why he wanted to pursue music Marlow simply stated: "It's not about the money, cars, clothes, women, or any of that, it's about getting out a message, and truly expressing the thoughts, and emotions I have to the outside people, my other methods of expressing myself have been deemed as "crazy" and I truly feel this is the only way I can express myself, I truly love music, and feel that I was destined to do this, so I'm basically fulfilling my destiny, I am SUPPOSED to do this..."




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