Music Monday 3.18.13 C. Pitt

Cheers to Music Monday!

Sorry for the delay UxU fans, but we are finally back with some crazy fresh talent. He happens to go by the name C. Pitt. This fresh lyricist reps Greensboro, NC. and we had a chance to talk with him about his new mixtape and the current state of Hip Hop.

C. Pitt’s most recent project is his mixtap The Pitt Stop.

His goal on this project is to reach people with message that we can all achieve our dreams despite the long journey. C. Pitt wants to evoke a change in the community and encourage listeners to start making positive gains. This mixtape definitely displays his craftsmanship as a lyricist and plays foreground to laid-back tracks. Everyone needs to download this mixtape because these beats are perfect to ride to in the coming season. They are almost reminiscent of an old school flow. However, don’t be fooled by the chill rhythms within his music. This emcee definitely has something to say. His lyricism and messages are critical aspects of his project.

C Pitt - Over My Dead Body Cover - Directed By Raza-Ry from  Raza Ry on  Vimeo .

As a lyricist, C.Pitt respects artists with the same craft. He listens to Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar, and some Tupac, but the list goes on. What these artists all have in common is a message. They all have something to talk about and they all relate their messages to their own struggles. This is what Hip Hop once was and can continue to be with the right amount of creativity and realness.

It‘s obvious that Hip Hop is at a standstill right now, but it is far from over. C. Pitt believes that the music is at a corrupt state. He says that rappers nowadays have to choose between money or morals because there is no in-between. Hip Hop is  not dead, but C. Pitt hopes to help revitalize it.

Here are some other interesting questions we asked:

Future collabs, dead or alive: Jadakiss, Marvin Gaye, and Big Pun

Any new mixtapes/projects: be on the lookout!

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