What If?

In a trendy world where people crave instant gratification, UxU will always encourage individuality - even if it doesn't render "likes" on social networks. However, it seems mainstream media continues to play a pivotal role in determining what's "cool," "acceptable," and "attractive." Whether it's hairstyles, latest fashion trends, body types, vacation destinations or diet plans, we've fallen victim to this strange game of follow the leader. Of course it's normal and natural to draw inspiration from others, but individuality is not something that mainstream media and society as a whole promotes. There are some who have built lives based so heavily on society's glorified images, they fail to even know what they truly do and do not like. In a deeper conversation we could delve into the belief that this is all part of marketing, capitalism, killing creativity, numbing minds and brainwashing us, but one thing we love to do here at UxU is get people to think. What if society said "fuck facades" and "hell no" to the hype? What if society wanted you to be an individual? We headed out to Georgetown, Washington DC to ask people directly, see their reactions and listen to their feelings on the topic. Share your thoughts below!