J. A. M. M. :: Graduation Season feat. Steve Lacy

If you've been keeping up with J.A.M.M. since the beginning, you've read about my undying love for the ultimate musical collective, The Internet. This admiration extends beyond the airy yet soulful voice of lead singer, Syd tha Kyd. Of course I love her, but each member of the band brings something special to its overall unique and enjoyable sound. Let's take a moment to acknowledge the genius himself, Steve Lacy. For starters, happy belated birthday!!! The producer, songwriter, guitarist and bassist turned 18 on May 23rd. I remember being 17 and graduating from high school as Salutatorian...not too shabby. Meanwhile, Steve Lacy was 17 producing The Internet's Grammy-nominated album, Ego Death. That's freakin' awesome! Now, high school is over and Steve Lacy will officially be at ALL of the upcoming Internet shows. Did I mention that he's a genius?


Whether it's from high school, college, or wherever else, I've seen a lot of success floating around my timeline. This is an accomplishment that deserves recognition. Although the school system is heavily flawed, your desire to learn allowed you to commit to your education. And shoutout to all the lifelong learners, having that thirst for knowledge outside of school. School should never be your only teacher. Major key.  

@alyssaaguzman's amazing graduation cap of @theinternet, made by @jimmygarlin. 

@alyssaaguzman's amazing graduation cap of @theinternet, made by @jimmygarlin. 


Anyways, there are times after graduating (or after achieving great goals in general) where life will try to knock you down. It's normal. Just don't let it keep you there. Allow yourself to feel whatever adverse emotion arises, and then let it pass. This song is dedicated to those moments. A gentle reminder brought to you by Steve Lacy.

thats no fun

There are also times where people might come at you sideways saying that you've changed. Well tell that bitch "you mutha fuckin' right." For some strange reason, "change" has been deemed with a negative connotation. But how else would we grow, progress, evolve? If you have never changed (which we all have), and you have no desire to change (which we all should), then maybe that's the problem. Change is constant. Embrace it! This song is dedicated to those encounters. A real ass moment brought to you by Steve Lacy.  

Bonus Track - Only Girl

I always like to throw in a bonus track that I'm messin' with. Plus I'm all about visuals to go along with songs. Not so much graduation related, but I'll just say that the message for this song is: Ladies, don't let these dudes fool you (even if they're extra cute like Steve Lacy). If he wants you, he'll work for it. And fellas, enough with the pipe dreams; be about what you talk about. Song and video brought to you by Kali Uchis, Steve Lacy and Vince Staples. 

Check it out.    

Much love to The Internet, Steve Lacy and all the graduates/learners out there! 

Be sure to follow @steve.lacy on Instagram, along with @theinternet and the rest of the band! Listen to and share Steve Lacy's music on SoundCloud. Also peep The Internet's SoundCloud and website!    

Until Next Time, Fam...