Griffin :: Lord I (feat. Mai Nicole)

In the landscape of modern music, there are many different artists that have a specific aim and message that they push in their art.  Today we take a look at the Huntsvile, Alabama native emcee Griffin and how his new jam Lord I (feat. Mai Nicole) promotes and encourages the listeners to discover their own greatness.  At the age of 22, it's apparent through his music Griffin draws on many diverse elements to influence his sound creating a style that is unmistakable and truly original.  With inspirations ranging from Motown legends to Kanye West and Drake;  Griffin has the ability to capture the attention of a very diverse audience because of his versatility.  

At this time in his career, Griffin hopes to continue with his push to promote dope singles like "Lord I" while touring and reaching out to expand his ever growing fan-base.  If you take time, to listen to his jam you can hear a talented artist, who is driven to make an profound impact with his music. In a time where artists compromise their integrity just to fit in to the popular spotlight; Griffin separates himself from his contemporaries because of his commitment to simply be himself rather than conforming to expectations.   Be sure to check out Lord I (feat Mai Nicole) on Soundcloud and follow Griffin on Twitter and Instagram @griffalino