J.A.M.M. :: 20NVR

We, as die-hard music enthusiasts, are always looking [or listening] for the next best thing…the next best sound. The problem is that these days, they all seem to blend together. What ever happened to the originality and the creativity in the lyricism? When will today’s music become more than just a tight-beat that you can turn up to? We’re always hoping to come across an artist that can withstand the test of time.

Luckily, we may have found a solution

- 20VNR -

Kassim. D-Keyz. Hasani. Baptizeee. fayson.

This power team hails from the great state of Maryland, sharing the same setback that, for years, had been holding them back: each other. They all contribute equally to the group’s success, and it can be fair to say that you can’t have one without the other. After meeting on the UMD campus, we can all agree in saying that the rest is history. See for yourself in their video for their single "Birds"

Peep the visuals for their single "Birds"

Since their start, 20NVR has since released the eight-track compilation album “NVR.”  Just in time for V-Day [D-Day], I would highly recommend the track, “Frendz,” a craftily written ode to that girl that you just can’t seem to shake….let go….forget

Your “mocha-choco-latte, never shaken or stirred…”

One of the best things about this group is that they are genuinely great friends. Their chemistry is impossible to miss and it shines thru in their music. Flowing over “feel good” beats, 20NVR has discovered the best way to merge every member’s talent into one song. From the production to the poetry, the lyricism to the creativity…the list goes on.

You’ve got to coordinate……

The entire NVR album is “head-nod worthy,” definitely worth the listen. 20NVR is a solid mix between the Hip Hop we used to miss and the “feel good” vibes we just can’t seem to escape. This “smoke-up, pour-up, feel good music” is a trend that keeps the party going these days. The fact that 20NVR is a part of the movement is simply a bonus. 20NVR is on the come-up and shows no signs of slowing down, so make sure you stop and show them some love. 


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Welp. That's all I have for you for now my UxU soldiers. Until the next breakthrough beat...

S A L U T E.

-Snook <3