J.A.M.M. :: April + VISTA

One of the biggest reasons why the music of our culture has changed is because it continues to transform. Hip Hop has now begun to merge and fuse with other genres. It’s no longer about the drums and the bass and the metaphoric lines. It’s about the sounds that blend in with the words.


Hip Hop has become a vibey fusion with contemporary and indie influences.

Not convinced?

Think about artists like Sza and—believe it or not—Willow Smith. It’s futuristic and lucid, and truth be told—UxU is ALL THE WAY here for it.

Another set of rising stars that emanates this new flow are April + Vista. Hailing from our very own DMV comes this eclectic pair of musical craftsmen.  


First you have April George, the musical genius of the pair. Gifted as a vocalist, pianist, and violinist, this girl can literally do it all.


Right beside her you have the brains and ears of the operation, Matthew Thompson. Let’s not forget…musicians are great and all, but when sided with an extremely talented producer/engineer, together they are unstoppable.


I think what makes this pair interesting is their quirkiness. Together—and probably apart—they are unapologetically light-hearted and musically nerdy. You’d never get how transparent their personalities are if you hear their music first.

Very cool

This summer, April + VISTA released their Note to Self EP, a 4-track fusion of jazz, hip hop, and indie vibes. Personally, I’m really diggin’ Daggers (listen below). Although short, this body of work reigned in some recognition from a few publications and a spot on Pitchfork Radio and NPR’s Capital Soundtrack project.

Looks like somebody’s on a come-up.


Either way, if you’re one of those open-minded music freaks like I am, or if you just want to try something different for a change, check out April + VISTA.

You won’t be disappointed!

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As always…keep doing you and being you.

That’s all you got, and only you can do it best.