The Creative Incubator :: Birth of A Super Model

On June 3rd, the Creative Incubator gave the community another original production fueled by innovative style and creativity.  

The Birth of a Super Model Fashion show was a production featuring apparel, accessories and models all native to the DMV area.

The event's coordinator;  Nyasha Klusmann wanted to capture and display the elements of modern style that contribute to building the top tier model.  

After being broken into six segments, the main character, an experiment created by a fashion crazed professor; must traverse through different areas throughout time and space to draw on the right influences in order to improve her own style. Check out the recap video to see for yourself.

The production included music and imagery to capture the vibe of each scene and featured a set including UxU's own Sleezy Bundles and Charlie Too Much that helped to get the crowd into the swing of the show. UxU's Steven X helped the audience connect with the show by narrating the adventure.

Thanks to the contributions of the designers, models and other behind the scenes movers, the Birth of Super Model Fashion Show was enjoyed by all who attended.  The show created an atmosphere of being on an adventure fueled by the stylings and fashions from all time periods ranging from futuristic garbs to retro fits of the past.  









As with all of the previous events the Creative Incubator was able to host a truly unique event that continues to promote and encourage creatives to network while giving a production that pushes the envelope on what the standard should be for fashion shows










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