J.A.M.M. :: Dope Music Village

Everyone…mute all noise in the background and listen up. The time has come for us to have a REAL conversation on the music of today. Can we all come to the agreement that Hip Hop has been on a serious decline?


I can’t say that Hip Hop is dead, but it has definitely transformed into something that’s hard for music junkies to completely digest. Clever rappers and artists are definitely hard to come by these days…that is unless you’ve taken a trip to the DMV.

It is here that you will find a group of hometown heroes doing their best to bring wiles and talent back to Hip Hop. 

Dope. Music. Village.

A group of three talented artists has since transformed into an art powerhouse of eight DMV natives, all equally DOPE and gifted in their own rights. You have Brain Rapp, Nature Boi and Ezko, the founding emcees of the collective. There is also Brandon Lackey the audio engineer, Logicoma the DJ/producer, Mike Jon the videographer, and Liora Valero the hauntingly sweet vocalist.

This colorblind collective began as a platform that would house the musical projects from the three emcee frontmen—Brain Rapp, Nature Boi and Ezko. When they’re not busy crafting their next individual projects, you can find each of them in the other’s newest song or music video making cameo appearances. 


Since its start and the added group members, the umbrella collective has released three individual projects from the primary emcees: Ezko’s Sleep EP; Brain Rapp’s Elevator Music; and Nature Boi’s SPRNTRL. Dope Music Village’s first collective project, You’re Welcome, will hit soon so be on the lookout! Also, be sure to check out The Village VLOG, where you can take a peek into the lives of some of the collective’s key members, along with a few shenanigans. 


Until then, keep keepin’ it funky and doing you…because truthfully, that’s all we got.


Snook <3