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Who is Ed Smack Adams?

Heleese: Who is Ed Smack Adams? 

Ed Smack: I'm a rapper, musician from the DMV. Seriously I dived into rapping about two years ago. I started in 10th grade as a hobby, bouncing back and forth between rapping and go-go. Before I was more focused on go-go, now rap.

H:  How would you describe your music?

E: I would say my music is honest. truthful and fun. I don't really take myself too seriously. I'm just talking about things that happen in my life, telling my store. Pretty much my personality coming out through music. I try to stick to things that I'm actually doing..pretty much a regular dude, but I still live a pretty dope life. I try to make it okay to just be you without being preachy about it. 

H: Are there any artist that influence your style of music?

E: Devin the Dude, West Coast G-funk Era (Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, The Dogg Pound).

H: What is the difference between this album and the first BS Tape?

E: The difference would be that I'm a little more comfortable with trying new things musically. So there are more harmonies, vocal layers, and I played the bass on this one ("Nothin To Lose").

H: What can we expect from BS Tape 2 The Album?

E: Growth. Development as a man. A fun, accurate, soulful experience. One girl actually told me she could have sex to my music, which was mentally a goal of mine. I wanted it to be like a movie. I tried to tell one, big story.

H: Which song off the album is your favorite or resonates with you the most?

E: I got three. In terms of favorite...I would go "Nothin to Lose" and "Housewife." "Nothin to Lose" because it has a go-go feel, I'm playing bass on it and it's just so fun. "Housewife" because I really like the beat and I really like the rap I did on there. I like everything about it. Resonates the most..."Cool to the Side." That one is the most personal. It's stuff that I was just dealing with in my head and didn't talk too much about it. I kinda just let it all out on that joint.

H: What was the creative process like for making this album?

E: The creative process wasn't too elaborate...find beats I like, ride around listening to 'em and freestyle until something sticks, then write a song about it.

H: Did you experience any challenges throughout that process?

Can't think of any challenges related to music. If it feels difficult to write a song to it, that means I'm not feeling it. When I'm feeling it, the ideas come quicker than I can write them down.

H: Are there any other major projects or events coming up you'd like to promote?

E: The "Local Joint" video is coming soon. This Thursday (September 15th) I've got a listening party going on in Baltimore with VVC Radio (vvcradio.com). I've got another show coming up September 29th at The Flash.

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BS Tape 2 The Album

Ed Smack BS Tape 2 Cover.PNG

Two years ago, Ed Smack dropped his solo debut mixtape (The BS Tape) after years of rapping with groups and Go-Go bands in the DMV. Listeners were given a sneak peek of a day in the life of a bachelor with BS...Bishes & Swag. Yesterday, Ed Smack came back with the heat, releasing BS Tape 2 The Album. While Bishes & Swag remain, listeners now have a more in depth view of the experiences and encounters of Ed Smack Adams. The project is flooded with solid production, mixing Hip-Hop, R&B, Go-Go and some Old School flavor, not to mention a plethora of scenarios that I'm sure many men can relate to. Within the first few minutes of the album, Ed Smack lets listeners know that he's here to GO SMACK

...not only at the ladies, but at this entire rap scene.

Listen below! 

"Local Joint"

Ed Smack definitely puts on for DC/MD. He embraces where he's from and shows much love for the culture- from the slang, to the music, to the style, to the women. Be on the lookout for the "Local Joint" video off of The BS Tape 2 The Album. Gotta love those 'round the way girls!


For more from Ed Smack Adams, check out his SoundCloud and visit his website.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @EdSmackAdams. 

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