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From the Presidential Inauguration on Friday, January 20th...

to the Women's March on Washington the following day...

It has been quite an eventful, energy-packed and emotional weekend in the DMV. Yet, protesters and marchers are not the only ones who have been raging against the machine. Check out these songs from artists Visto of Hippie Life Krew and KD Hari feat. Chase N. Cashe to hear how they've used their voices to speak out against the system. 

Visto HLK - "I'm Good"

Visto, singer, rapper, songwriter and Head Hippie/Founder of Hippie Life Krew, expresses his distaste for politics (or as he refers to it "politrick'n") in his song "I'm Good." He has no interest in supporting any president or the government in general. "I am good on my own. I am good on my own," he sings throughout the hook. With Visto's distinctive voice, beat you can bounce to, blunt message and unreserved cover art, this song is sure to draw some traction.

Song linked below.

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KD Hari (feat. Chase N Cashe) - Can't Buy Freedom


KD Hari shows love to Kanye by rewording a snippet of his verse from "All Falls Down" as the hook in his song "Can't Buy Freedom."  His crafty play on words reveals not only his talent as a lyricist, but his thoughts on crooked cops, false convictions, police brutality and commonplace corruption within the system. "I say fuck the whole system, that's how I see it. We pay our way out of of jail but we can't buy freedom," he says. 

Video linked below.  

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DisclaimerUxU is not here to sway your political opinions or advocate for any form of peaceful/non-peaceful protest. However, we do support individualism and have respect for those unafraid to speak their minds.

Note: Be conscious of what's happening around you, ask questions, and don't forfeit your freedom by feeding into the facade. Strive towards gaining and maintaining spiritual, physical and mental wellness/balance, but don't forget to uplift your  brothers and sisters on the way!

As always, Be yourself. Be Different. Be Unique and Uncontemporary. <3

Until We Meet Again...

Luna Lee