Verse Drops w/ Cellis :: EP 1 :: Gimme The Loot

As artists, we should always strive to push ourselves to the next level in our craft. In music, there is a never-ending journey filled with self-discovery and boundary pushing. Here at UxU, we not only encourage our artists to possess this perspective, but we also actively encourage them to tap into their greatest abilities while on the set of any given project we were chosen to handle. When it comes to producing your visions, we want it to look better than it does in YOUR head! 

So when Baltimore native, Cellis, our newest UxU client, came to us with his idea for his mini-series "Verse Drops", we couldn't pass on it...

The primary goal of "Verse Drops" is to push Cellis past his comfort level as an artist to enhance, strengthen, & showcase his lyrical abilities. In the series, we're dropping verses over some of his favorite industry beats paired with raw and original visuals to bring awareness to some of society's most controversial themes, including police brutality, the LGBTQ culture and the heavy influence of social media.

UxU Is Proud To Present...

"Even if you in a benz you still a nigga in a coupe..."

The first episode of Verse Drops is set to Biggie's "Gimme The Loot," showcasing the common scenario of police brutality and ethnic profiling. It centers around a young black man being pulled over essentially just for being black. To Cellis, the car represents much more than what it's worth; it represents a privilege that minorities don't share with whites in America.

Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments and stay tuned for EP 2 of Verse Drops here at UxU!