There are many talented artists rising from the DMV, but not many of those artists can claim the titles of deejay, lyricist, producer AND musician. Well ladies and gentlemen, I know one who can (and rightfully so). The Baltimore native and all-around creator, Nature Boi, has merged his behind-the-scenes techniques with his skills behind the mic to present us with his self-produced debut album, SPRNTRL.

SPRNTRL, pronounced "supernatural," is where turn up meets thought provoking, new school meets old school, and the drum machine meets live instrumentation. The musical inclination is evident, so it's safe to expect nothing less than versatility from such a versatile artist. Within ten songs, Nature Boi guides listeners through the embodiment of ever-changing, everyday experiences and emotions. He gives us an insight into his personal life - ranging from common occurrences like dropping his phone and cracking the screen, to coping with the tragic loss of his mother during the lowest point in his life. 

Throughout the course of the album (and his music career), Nature Boi successfully remains true to self - or should I say supernatural - regardless of whether or not listeners will enjoy it. Remaining true has proven favorable for Nature Boi. His work has been featured in DJBooth, Okayplayer, Noisey and more. He's shared the stage with Curren$y, Jay Rock and Jadakiss. The single "Uhh" from SPRNTRL has even become quite the crowd pleaser. Clever wordplay, a catchy chorus, and a beat that's dab and milly rock-able is bound to get the crowd hype. Peep the video below. 

It's no coincidence that Nature Boi is a member of the musical collective Dope Music Village (DMV). This album has proven itself to be dope to say the least. Features include John Doe, Jake Sinatra, Young THOT, and Dope Music Village's very own Brain Rapp and Ezko. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Nature Boi about this project, his creative process and overcoming his battle with depression. Afterwards, everyone made their way into the lounge where Nature Boi gave an electric performance for the SPRNTRL listening party. Check out the interview and footage below!     

UxU (Unique and Uncontemporary) is a group of artists that heavily advocates self expression and individuality. Nature Boi exemplifies such qualities. With genuine talent and creativity, passion for music, a humble spirit, and contagious, radiant energy, how can we not support Nature Boi?! SPRNTRL is a body of work you won't regret listening to and Nature Boi is an artist you certainly may regret not hipping yourself to, so I've made it easy for you. Album below :)

Be sure to follow Nature Boi on Instagram along with Dope Music Village! Head to NatureBoiMusic.com and DopeMusicVillage.com for more dope music, events, etc.

Until Next Time, Fam...

And remember. Be You. Do You. Stay True. Supernatural.