Live, Laugh, Love :: Happiness Is All You Have


So why are so many of us, mainly my generation, in this world wasting it? To me it seems like it's alway's been about the standards in all aspects of life. Especially our future endeavors. We are so hard on ourselves if we aren't where we supposedly need to be to the liking of other individuals. I admit, I would always aim to please and want to be accepted by others, but now I ask myself what's the point? Why bother if I am not fully content with who I am and who I am trying to become? This society we've grown up in has caged so many of our individualities and the sad part is that some of us don't even realize it.


We need to realize that it's okay if we don't have it all figured out yet or if we don't want the life that someone else wants for us. We need to break the standard by breaking out of our cages and exploring our selves and originality. Now a days there are people that make a living off of asking people their stories and presenting it on social media or even traveling and blogging about their adventures and giving advice. These types of people inspire me because as a college graduate who feels like she started to pursue the wrong career, it gives me hope that all I need is passion and motivation.


So we should ask ourselves a few questions:

- Am I happy?
- What do I like (your interests)?
- What do you love (your passions)?
- If you could do anything in the world what would it be?
- Am I content with the path I am on?

With those answers are you happy with where you are or where you're going? If not try to start taking steps (even if their small), to where you really want to be.

I believe life is about love and happiness. Finding those two things within yourself, what you do and in someone else is all that's needed for a fulfilled life. Right now I don't even have a set plan but I'm the happiest I've been in a while!