Live, Laugh, Love :: Shapes & Sizes

Fat and skinny.

Two words that can really have a huge affect on how someone feels. Especially when we are younger and get to a certain age, we compare ourselves to what is deemed to be the "perfect look". Like myself, I've always been skinny which I struggled with for so long. Yes a small figure is what seems to be ideal, but it's not always easy to deal with. Just like anyone else, I have been hit with rude and ignorant comments like "you should eat more" or someone even asking me, "are you bulimic, or wait is it anorexic?" Hmmm. So, I started to think; I want to gain weight, to have bigger breasts, I want to be thicker, curvier! Then I can be happy. I kept wishing for that without wondering why I really wanted it and that maybe I only want my body to change because I would appeal to other people. 

Now I don't know how it feels to be any other size and the specific struggles that comes with it, but I've realized that it is all about acceptance and self-love. I believe as long as you are healthy and you only want to change to appease someone else, you should learn to love yourself! By all means if you and only you want to change your appearance (in a healthy way of course) then go for it. Your feelings are the only one that matters. 

I came across an interview recently and it was with a woman named Olivia Campbell. She talked about how she used to be harassed and ridiculed for being fat. She used to struggle with that word and how she looked but now she accepts it and equates fat with beautiful. She has successfully embraced her body so much that she is now a proud plus model and someone who other people look up to. So doesn't that go to show that you are much more than a word that doesn't even determine the type of person you are? 

I blame society and the media for the constant ways we judge each other based on just how we look and what the stereotype for beauty is. Honestly, if we stopped obsessing over looking like the next person and actually started to love ourselves it would be a great start to a much better world. Not only for ourselves, but our youth as well. 

So at the end of the day it's all about your happiness and I hope you take these 3 things with you.

1. Your size doesn't define you.

2. You are only living YOUR life so forget whatever anyone else has to say about you!

3. You are undeniably beautiful.