J.A.M.M. :: Malik Stewart


We all know that some of the best talent can be found on the streets in the city. From singers, songwriters, dancers, rappers, and everything else under the streetlights; The street—and sometimes the sidewalk—can become anybody’s stage. And if you’ve ever paid a visit to the Go-Go capital of the world, you’d be able to see—and hear—for yourself.

D.C. is known for its one-of-a-kind percussion rhythms. Over the years, it’s taken many forms—most notably shown through the native Go-Go movement. But only true artists know that the drum is the heartbeat of any song. Many street artists can make a drum out of anything, if they don’t have the resources. Don’t believe me? Take a tour through Gallery Place/Chinatown and listen to some known city percussionists playing on buckets and pots in the middle of the sidewalk…anything to make a sound...anything to make someone listen.

Not too far down the sidewalk from these percussionists, you’ll also find the D.O.P.E. drumming sensation, Malik Stewart.


Malik Stewart…haven’t heard of him?

Kind of reminds you of Nick Cannon from Drumline right?

…my thoughts exactly!

The urban drumline king, Malik Stewart, has reinvented the idea of talent. He’s more than a percussionist…he’s an entertainer, traveling all over the city promoting his gift and his brand, D.O.P.E. (Definition of Percussion Entertainment). His creative and meticulous style cannot be imitated…unless you’rethat dope of a drummer. And even then, I don’t think you could top Malik.

Malik eats, sleeps, and breathes talent and passion. It’s a wonder that no one has picked him up yet to tour alongside some of the game’s heavy-hitters. If they haven’t, we can see that Malik is well on his way to extreme success.


Let UxU be one of the first, if not the only, to say THANK YOU MALIK for representing our city with talent and swag. Artists like YOU make our city great and give us a reason to be proud.

To all of you readers out there, don’t sleep on this kid. Follow him. Subscribe to him. Friend him. He’s about to BLOW UP!

And who knows…maybe we can catch up with Malik for a one-on-one UxU session. Interested? We thought so!

Keep tuning in for more on Malik, Music Monday artists, and other UxU updates. And if you have anyone that you think should be in the spotlight, slide in our DMs.  

Until next time…

Snook <3