J.A.M.M. :: Marlee in the Mixx

What was the last genuinely talented LIVE band that you’ve heard that did more than Adele covers? 

Really think about it…

I’ll wait…

Coming up a bit short, I imagine?

That’s because there aren’t many, and the few that are around don’t seem to last that long together as a group. Well, once again let the dynamic DMV surprise you with more local talent!

In a music world still dependent upon autotune and unoriginal vocal dynamics comes a band that is refreshingly genuine…and LIVE.

Marlee in the Mixx


MITM is an independent live band based out of Washington, DC that specializes in live music, and craftily merges multitudes of music genres into one song. I’m talking neo-soul, hip-hop, r&b, a splash of indie, and a strong influence of progressive jazz. 

If they sound even remotely familiar, it may be from their Kendrick Lamar cover, “Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

Founded in 2011 by their lead vocalist, Marlee D, the eight member band formally began their rise to DOPE-ness early in 2012 after debuting at the Fillmore Silver Spring. Can you imagine your first major performance opening for a major name like Big K.R.I.T. in front of hundreds of people? Crazy, right? Since then, the band has garnered a loyal following on every major social media platform. This of course includes Soundcloud and YouTube, where you can subscribe to their page to follow their newest adventures in music and listen to HOT new gems.


Believe me…there is way more where that came from. That includes their EP “10,000 Hours,” “Songs for You” which is a collection of covers beautifully mixxed by the band, and more. And if that doesn’t suffice, check them out around the city doing what they do best…playing live in front of hundreds of local fans. In fact, they will be performing live at the Maryland Live Casino this Tuesday, October 25th for FREE!! Go check ‘em out!


So, for all of you out-of-towners…needless to say you’re missing out on some crazy talent, and it’s due time that you take a trip to the creative corridor of the country. For my natives…do yourself a favor and take a stroll down U Street. Who knows…you just may hear the sounds from this band echoing from the venues you tend to consistently overlook. 


Until next time…

Snook <3