J.A.M.M. :: Odd Mojo


It’s rare that you find a female emcee that has a one of a kind flow with a message. But, leave it to the DMV to discover her. Let me introduce you to...

Odd Mojo

This girl has talent. Imagine pairing a chill and steady voice with a Camp Lo beat. That’s what you get with this artist…and it’s DOPE. Odd Mojo hails from the great state of Maryland and she’s steadily rising to the top. Her laid back flows are the perfect background music as you sit and try to remember “when you fell in love with Hip-Hop.” 

Her clever lyrics are refreshing, especially in a generation where Hip Hop has birthed a new face of shallow messages and auto tune. In fact, Odd Mojo’s sound is eerily reminiscent to the 90’s. It’s ironic that she entitled her EP as 94

The five track EP is a project of realism and chill vibes, as she beautifully tells her story in two minutes or less. Curious yet?

Check out her Soundcloud below

Peep her  latest video, shot by UxU's own EwwDill, for her freestyle entitled "Fearless".


In addition, after stalking her Instagram and Tumblr, we here at UxU found that she will be performing in November 20th at Black Cat DC with a few other local artists. It should definitely be a great show, so if you’re in the area please come out and show some support to this rising gem.

Until next time,

Snook <3