PEEP :: Pun Intended

Welcome to PEEP, a series where we break away from traditional entertainment and share some lesser known internet gems. To start the series off, we bring you a heartwarming short film. It's sad how much antagonism courses through the veins of the Internet. People are so quick to shit on someone else's passion. Negativity is so ingrained into the internet culture that people are hesitant to share positive feedback when they enjoy another person's work online AND offline. You'd be surprised by what can happen when this mentality is broken and you freely lift others up through positivity. With that, we bring you the short film, "Post It". 

Elroy seems pessimistic. He keeps to himself. If anyone approaches him, he's likely to be defensive and hateful. In reality he's not confrontational, but he is a bit shy. Perhaps Elroy's mom was the only one who showed him love and admiration; now she's gone. Claire showed Elroy that at his core, he's truly just as nice as his mom was. She showed him how much more rewarding it is to lift people up by acknowledging their beauty. This video is a reflection of how we often approach people on YouTube threads and/or social media (Elroy), as opposed to how we should approach them (Claire). People are prone to negativity, afraid to feel vulnerable or look weak. No one wants to be mislabeled as "creepy" or have their compliments misconstrued as courting. Forget how people are going to react and just "post it!" 

How do you feel about negativity and the way people react to others online? Share your opinion in the comments!