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You may be familiar with this hashtag as the catchphrase for rapper, songwriter and entertainer, Pinky KillaCorn. If not, allow UxU to get you hip. 

Pinky KillaCorn

It goes without saying that there are a plethora of emerging and established artists worldwide, but we love to take the time to shed light on local talent. Pinky KillaCorn is a Hip-Hop artist straight out of Northwest, D.C, yet she's working towards building a presence free of geographic boundary. With vibrant, pink hair and individuality that's killing the music scene, her goal is to become as universal as - you guessed it - corn (hence the creative stage name). You'd be surprised to find that corn is in...well...pretty much everything.

I’m everywhere, doing everything and there’s nothing you can do about it.
— Pinky KillaCorn

"The Uptown Cherrybomb"

Referred to by D.C. residents as "The Uptown Cherrybomb," KillaCorn, the Queen of the Hippie Life Krew, has been knocking down barriers and piling up accolades, leaving no room to question why she's gained such a heavy following. From winning the 2014 D.M.V. Female Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Award to being featured as the DMV Top Artist on www.dmvlife.com (just to name a couple of said accolades), KillaCorn has a proven track record for success with no plans on pausing the progress. In fact, Tameka "Tiny" Harris used Pinky's single, "Tequila" (feat. Jus Paul), to promote her campaign for Tiny's Tequila.

Visual for single below.  

KillaCorn 3.5

Her latest project, KillaCorn 3.5, is the first of a series of mixtapes where she conceptualizes marijuana legalization through music. She demonstrates her versatility as an artist using samples from different genres of music. In the first song you'll hear KillaCorn rapping over a beat sampling Miguel's "Do You," yet later in the mixtape you'll catch samples from Drake, Nicki Minaj, Erykah Badu, etc. She remixed Future's "F*ck Up Some Commas" on a track called "Smoke When I Wanna."

Video below.

Unique and Uncontemporary

I’m an artist that will draw your attention.
— Pinky KillaCorn

UxU is a team of individuals that strongly promotes and encourages being you and doing you -all ways, always. Pinky KillaCorn is an artist that represents the same.  "As long as I don't look like everyone else," she says, "then I'm cool." Her original sound, one-of-a-kind fashion sense, radiant personality and abundant confidence make standing out effortless. Shouts to Pinky KillaCorn for being UxU, you and you, UNIQUE AND UNCONTEMPORARY!

Listen to the full KillaCorn 3.5 mixtape, along with other music from Pinky KillaCorn on SoundCloud. Check out her website, and be sure to follow @PinkyKillaCorn on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.


Be Yourself, Be Different.

Until Next Time, Fam...