J.A.M.M. :: Slater The Genius

Music, much like fashion, moves in a pendulum-like state.

The new style, the new “flava of the week”, jumps back to its origins every few years. Don’t get it? Think about how in the 80s autotune was poppin’ (remember Zapp & Roger?). Now fast forward about 20 years to T-Pain and “I’m Sprung.” Autotune made a STRONG comeback in the 2000s, but is finally taking a leave of absence (thank you LAWDDD). 

Now it’s all about the Trap Rap scene—city hype-boys with gutter experiences and A LOT to say over a bass-beat—and Vibed-Out genre benders. . It’s the age of the new school and it’s on FIRE for the new generation of hip-hop music junkies. I love it!

Of the new emergents in either of these new (but, not really) categories is DMV raised Slater the Genius. I must say that I’m kinda diggin’ him, ya’ll. His most recent work, Krypton 93 (The Journey Begins), is a 15-track album of FIRE songs and background noise. If you listen to close to his beats and his flow, collectively they’re reminiscent of an Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi vibe. Don’t believe me? Take a moment to revisit the Man on the Moon album—a musically, beautiful time when the Pursuit of Happiness and Day ’n’ Nite were the only relevant songs of the year. 

Back to the matter at hand…

Krypton 93 is a body of work set to give you the “feels” and transport Slater the Genius to the next galaxy of his career. It’s hot! Particularly the songs “Going to the Moon” and “Krypton 93.” 

I think what makes this album so dope outside of Slater’s flow is the fact that his songs are interchangeable. You can roll-up and vibe out to his lyrics during a good session, or you can bump his southern-influenced bass beats in your car on the way to make your next errand. I’m all the way here for it. 


Honestly, the best way to get to know Slater is to get lost in his galaxy. So do yourself a favor and disappear with him…musically, of course! Be sure to check him out on Soundcloud and entertain some major follow-back courtesy on Twitter with the kid. 

Until next time…

Snook <3