J.A.M.M. :: Sugg Savage

Music heads have all had to face the fact that [some] music has become redundant. Same beat, same content,same flow, and the same five songs on the radio. Maybe you're just seeking something different. Good music you can move to. That's why UxU is here. Whatever you need, we got you.

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The singer, rapper and guitarist was born in San Francisco, California, but raised in Fort Washington, Maryland right outside of Washington, D.C.  Sugg may be Savage, but her music is upbeat, message is uplifting, and her eccentricity produces a sound you're going to want to dance, or AT LEAST nod your head to.

Listen for yourself...


"Let'z" has received over 50,000 plays on SoundCloud and it's clear as to why. The "lowkey gospel" music highlights Sugg's unique, soulful voice and ridiculous flow, encompassed by amazing, feel good vibes. By merging her many talents, Sugg has developed a sound as extraordinary and versatile as her list of musical influences. From go-go to jazz, Green Day to A Tribe Called Quest, it's no wonder why her music doesn't fit into any one particular genre.   

"I play our music for people in California and they never know what to peg it as...they're like 'I can't describe it but you all have like this sound,'" she said when reflecting on conversations about artists from Maryland, "man I'm not trying to be corny, but I feel like that sound is just realness and soul.


Who ever said go-go, gospel, and groove can't all be represented in a single song? "Party Dawg" provides us with the dominant vocals and harmony of a gospel song, the shout-outs of a go-go song, the rhythmic feel that groove gives, and then some. Sugg's love for harmonies, rhythm and dance, combined with her life experiences and spirituality, has led to this engaging, eclectic sound that elevates and enhances her listeners. The goal is to heal and liberate; the tool is irrefutable, intoxicating music.  

"We gon' shake off the demons, we gon' dance in the light, we don't care what color you came in, we don't care about your zodiac sign," she says as the bridge in her song "Funk Bounce," where a genre fusion can also be heard.


Not only is Sugg Savage a triple threat within her solo music career, but alongside her best friend, Sloane Amelia (Irie X), they create the blooming musical duo known as Akoko. They've released two projects: Killer Tofu and Catraps. Check out their song, "Thee Hipokolypse", with SIR. E.U. Video below. 


Whether you're looking to turn up, wind down, or praise God, Sugg Savage is giving us all the vibes and all the feelsWhile we anxiously await her solo project, be sure to check out Sugg's website and show some love on all social media platforms!

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