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Dollar And A Dream Music Festival 2

Back in August my good friends from Sky Tribe invited me out to shoot the second annual Dollar And A Dream music festival in Greensboro North Carolina. Knowing how fun it was last year and knowing my good friend C. Pitt was performing, I of course said yes. C. Pitt just released the video his team shot that day so I decided to share with you all on here and show you some of the pictures I took as well.

Hand full of the Sky Tribe team that was in attendace. S/O to Shah Milli and SlimJoeCool!

C. Pitt messing around back stage as usual.

 C. Pitt killed his performance while rocking the Dez Mai Tee 2.Food truck lovin. 


 The whole day was a lot of fun and I can't wait till next year!

Music Monday 1.21.13 TheeBlackMonroe

Presented here is the background of an up in coming Female MC known as TheeBlackMonroe. TheeBlackMonroe is bringing a fresh new urban sound with a twist of the 90’s vibe and flow to the game. Out of Virginia, TheeBlackMonroe is highly influenced by New York Hip-Hop, which is very apparent in her unique sound and flow. Most would describe her voice of a smooth and capturing tone, which only compliments her actual appearance. The combination grasps listeners because they are shocked to find one with her elegance flowing so hardcore yet confident in delivery. Hip-Hop listeners commonly note the sound combination of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown creating her flow. TheeBlackMonroe finds those remarks with much gratification; however, she wants to capture and represent her own sound in which she states fans will soon hear this spring in the release of her first mix-tape titled: “GXLDXN CLVSSXX”.

TheeBlackMonroe is very new to this rap game just beginning her career this past fall of 2012; however, she has always had a passion and l

ove for Hip-Hop entirely. She hopes as a Female MC that her sound will bring back the appreciation for real lyrical Hip-Hop as it was in the 90’s. She is inspired by Hip-Hop legends and notes some of her favorite rappers to be of; Biggie Smalls, Big L, Lil Kim, Andre 3000, Nas, Fabulous, and Q-Tip. She has a passion for making real Hip-Hop that people can vibe, party, and just relax to. She just wants to get her voice out for all to tune in and simply listen.

TheeBlackMonroe’s birth name is Alexis Hunt. Norfolk, Virginia is her birthplace sharing the same grounds as rapper Pusha T. After years of being infatuated by the Hip-Hop genre and culture, TheeBlackMonroe has decided to put her voice in the game. She just wants to share her talents and in-depth knowledge with her love for Hip-Hop. Discovered by Harlem’s up in coming artist Young Tone over the website soundcloud, TheeBlackMonroe has recently joined his team Fleet-O in New York. She there recorded the first cuts of her tracks: “They Betta Know Us” & “Neva Slippin” which can be found on YouTube and Soundcloud; artist: TheeBlackMonroe. Now under management in Manhattan under Young Tone’s manager, TheeBlackMonroe predicts a big come up and surprise awakening in this Hip-Hop industry for 2013.

TheeBlackMonroe has a legit passion for Hip-Hop entirely and music in general. From a life of hardships though only 19 years young, she has been through a lot and hopes with music to better her self, also helping and encouraging others that anything is possible with determination and drive. TheeBlackMonroe is ready to make her mark in the game with her style & grace, and from there sustain by her “Lyrical douches.” She is very confident in her work and knows that if you just take the time to listen, you will love her work. She puts her heart and soul into music, nothing she loves more…and from here on out, she wants all listeners to Enjoy. 

Check out some of her tracks below.

Music Monday 12.31.12 - Marlow

     We've featured Marlow before on the site when he released his video for South Beach Flow wearing the London Zhiloh Tee. He recently contacted us again with some of his new work and we decided to feature him this week on the site. Read on to learn more about him and watch some of his music videos.

     Marlow, aka HollyWoodLow, born Sha'Quan Williams, was raised in the metropolitan area of D.C, Maryland, and Virginia his entire life. He was raised by his mother who was a single parent, and they struggled early on in their life, even having to move to various shelters in the area. Once Marlow and his mom got some stability, and he started to mature, he grew an exceptional interest in music. Always knowing how to express himself through drawing, and creating stories, Marlow saw music as a way to express himself in a way that was more direct and therapeutic. When Marlow. entered high school, he decided to really give music a shot. His first recorded song, "Its Nuffin" was shelved however due to the content of the music, which wasn't really true to who Marlow was. So he decided to take a break from the music until his 11th grade year once he had his son, Elijah. He started out from ground zero, by recording songs on his computer for his own enjoyment and friends. It wasn't until he linked up with fellow cousin OverTyme and label Nu-Phase records, where he would reunite with the studio, and really dive into the music industry. During his run with OverTyme they recorded songs with Kurtis Blow, performed at the Zanzibar, Hogates, Marion Barry's Annual Ward events, various high schools and much more. Though things were looking exceptionally well at first, Marlow didn't see his future with the label, so he decided to leave and take another break with the industry. It wasn't until a fellow classmate of his by the name of TroyBoy, told him he wanted to rap with him. Not taking it serious at first, Marlow brushed it off, but TroyBoy was determined so in turn they recorded 'Ridin In My Car', a throwaway song that wasn't meant to be serious that caught fire quick. They then decided to create a group by the name of HD, and eventually crafted a mixtape by the name of 'Loyalty B4 Royalty' which was released to good to mixed reviews. The success of the mixtape, gave the two a good buzz to start off with. Despite the success however the group broke up for personal reasons, though the two are on good terms to this day. Marlow has since started his new organization and movement, ‘PCELVE’ directing his own videos, released his first single "Set For Life" and has began working on his debut project,


. There is no question that Marlow won't be taking any breaks from music anytime soon. When asked about why he wanted to pursue music Marlow simply stated: "It's not about the money, cars, clothes, women, or any of that, it's about getting out a message, and truly expressing the thoughts, and emotions I have to the outside people, my other methods of expressing myself have been deemed as "crazy" and I truly feel this is the only way I can express myself, I truly love music, and feel that I was destined to do this, so I'm basically fulfilling my destiny, I am SUPPOSED to do this..."




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MerCure Dior Ft A$AP Ant "Gush" Official Music Video

I earlier showed you guys some behind the scenes photo from 16 year old rapper MerCure Dior's music video shoot for his song "Gush". Last night the video, directed by Wayne Bertram Jr., myself and Chris Jones. MerCure was wearing the NSL Tee during the second scene of the video which you can get on our Online Store. I also have a really short cameo during the first scene. The video can be seen below. Leave your comments!