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Eric LaMont

You know what's even better than coming across new music? Personally witnessing the progress of the artist who's making the music. I remember being linked to Eric LaMont back in 2013. A homeboy of mine introduced us, as Eric was in search of a female vocalist for a few tracks. We've remained cool ever since. Although we've yet to bless the studio with collaboration magic, Eric LaMont has certainly been brewing up some jewels of his own. 

"Hell Na"

In the catchy single, "Hell Na," Eric makes it known that he has no interest in being with a money craving, time wasting and/or energy draining type of woman. "Girls be like, 'all I want is your time and loyalty.' Two weeks that 'your time' can change up to 'spoil me.' Four weeks and six dates she hit my line like 'boy it's me. It's been three days since we talked. Wanna know if you're avoiding me?" This opening verse is a story I imagine is much too familiar for guys. Yet with clever world play and great production by J. Rock, women will be singing along even if they can't relate.   

The DC native rapper, singer and songwriter began to draw inspiration from legends like Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire and Michael Jackson at the young age of 12. However, he didn't start rapping until he turned 17. At such a transitional age in life, lyrics became Eric's outlet for sharing personal experiences, feelings, or just speaking on life in general. Later in 2010, as writing became an everyday ritual and his emcee skills evolved, Eric helped form a group called Star Elite. Along with Eric, the music ensemble included Michael Jones, Antwon Edelen and Tommy Lee Peterson Jr.. Although the group has disbanded, Eric LaMont and Big Tom continue work on music individually and as a duo.  

Big Tom

I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy 'Big Tom' Peterson Jr. sometime in 2015, through our mutual friend Eric of course. Also a native Washingtonian, Tom endured many struggles growing up - from the murder of his father when he was only 4-years-old to the loss of his mother to bone cancer in 2008. Big Tom was able to turn life's unexpected tragedies into triumph by following in the footsteps of his mother and pursuing music. At the age of 10, he learned to play the alto saxophone and later taught himself to play piano by ear. In 2009, Tom enrolled into Prince George's Community College where he met Eric and formed the music group Star Elite. As aforementioned, the group separated in 2012 but Eric LaMont and Big Tom continue to pursue music careers together and individually.            

"From the City"

We all know it's only right for an artisit to pay homeage to his/her hometown in at least one of their songs. For the rapper, singer, songwriter and musician, Big Tom, "From the City" is the song where he does just that. With emphasis on where he came from and where his game's from, Tom's voice floats atop the melodic beat as he gives listeners a taste of his city. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

While Eric LaMont continues to work on his debut mixtape, Awkward Silence (set to drop Fall of 2016), and Big Tom puts in work for his EP, From The City (release date to be determined), they've synced their talents to collaborate on a project called My Brother's Keeper coming this summer. "No Place Like Home" depicts the cycle of a back and forth relationship; that process of trying to let someone go but it's easier said than done because...there's no place like home. In "Not That Average," Big Tom and Eric LaMont inform listeners that they're far from ordinary and frankly difficult to forget. The two singles give listeners a dose of what to expect from the duo's mixtape. Linked below.  

"No Place Like Home"

"Not That Average"

Be on the lookout for more from Eric LaMont and Big Tom. Coming Soon!