Music Monday 4.1.13 Breeze

Happy Easter to all.

We have another great talented artist bursting through the hip hop scene, and he goes by the name Breeze.  Breeze is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the craziest lyricists out right now. He is a junior at North Carolina A&T and a JOMC broadcast production major . Breeze’s future plans are to have and own a radio station.

He was first introduced to the music game by being around his older brother who had a successful music group growing up. He was always exposed to music, but he was in love with the sound of it. Breeze loved how he could express himself through the music and it quickly became a hobby.

His new mixtape, Money Making Mission, is hot and the plans for mixtape are self explanatory. Breeze wants the people to hear him for who he is, and the hunger he’s coming with. On his mixtape, he describes the everyday hustle of a young man on a mission to get paid and become successful. It’s about LOYALTY, and he does it for his family. His intentions are ultimately for people to hear the lyrical content in his music, not just the catchy beats and hooks. This project is all about Breeze revealing himself. He wants to make sure that the music he creates is something all people can relate to, especially those that are on a constant grind. Breeze has worked with Dee Money, Mets Inferno, Lee, and Ryan Hunt on this project, but the list goes on. He has incorporated some of Mets Inferno’s ideas on a few tracks on his mixtape. The music has a smooth flow with hard beats. Ya’ll definitely need to check him out!

As far as Hip Hop is concerned, Breeze believes that it is in a tough spot right now. It has gone too mainstream and the messages within the music are nowhere to be found.

“Hip Hop right now is a little shaky,” Breeze said. “It seems now that everybody is just in it for the money and not the actual music. It's just a lot of trendy rap out right now.”

Hopefully there’ll be some dope artists including Breeze that can shake the game up. Maybe even with his track “Better Days,” which happens to be his favorite song on his project right now. We asked why, but all Breeze could tell us was, “Listen to it and you'll see why." It does have a pretty good flow to it and the message is legit. I’ll let ya’ll be the judge of that.

Breeze has been compared to Mase, who also has that chill vibe,  nice flow, and crazy delivery .

"He had the street cred and ladies,” Breeze commented. “[Mase] reminds me of myself."

Breeze wants to create a name for himself in the music world. Fame isn’t the focus on his agenda, but he’ll take it if it comes. In the end, music is just something he loves and he does it to express himself. Everything else that comes with it is a bonus.

“The money is a plus, but I do it for the fans,” Breeze said. “They are the ones who will purchase your music.”

If Breeze could collaborate with anybody it would be with Kanye West. He sees him as a “musical genius.”. He would also want do some work with J. Cole since he supports North Carolina, and Drake. He thinks that Drake is one of the most talented artists out at the moment .He’s also been checking out a lot of new artists including Joey Badass, Young Scooter , and Future.

Be on the lookout for his future projects that will drop this summer. Follow him on Twitter and InstaGram @breeze919. While you’re at it, follow us on Twitter and InstaGram @uxudmv. Also check out our website for more Music Monday artists and to cop some UxU gear. Spring is officially here!

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-Sid J.