UxU Models: Brittani Taylor

Today we bring you our photo shoot and interview with the lovely Brittani Taylor. 

UxU: So tell us a little about yourself.

BT: My name is Brittani Taylor. 20 years old, 5'4", 105 lbs.  I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but as a Military brat of both divorce parents I have lived all over the United states; ATL, Cali, SC, NC, MIA, NY,as well as mexico, Ecuador and Japan. I am Ecuadorian and African American born to a family of 9 brothers and 2 sisters. I am a current student at UNCG, double majoring in Art Education and Spanish and minoring in Dance. I have also attended the Art institute of NY and Indianapolis and NCCU. I am a Model, painter, sculptress, dancer, singer, and I love to act, paint nails and do hair. 

UxU: What kind of modeling do you do?

BT: So far I have done catalog and web based modeling for promotion. I have also done swim-ware, lingerie, and alternative. My most recent works depicts life-style modeling, implied nude and glamour. My dream is to become a VS model and do some couture walk way modeling.

UxU: How did you get started in modeling and how long have you been doing so?

BT: I have been modeling for 4yrs now. I took up modeling as a minor while attending The Art institute of NY in 2009. Since then I have been working with modeling agencies, on and off, such as John Casablanca and Talented Rising Photographers to further my modeling career. At first modeling was just another way I could exercise my creative acting and photogenic talents but now it has grown into a passion of mine.

UxU: What kind of guy are you most attracted to?

BT: I am most attracted to a gentlemen. A guy that has a respective since of humor, smart, stylish, passionate, talented, and is ambitious. I am a sucker for tall guys, curly hair and a gorgeous smile. Just someone I can have a great time with and betters me as a person. And most importantly someone who can Handel all of me ;-) . 

UxU: Who would win in a fight between a ninja and a robot?

BT: Ninja! Robots are too stiff. a Ninja would be more flexible and just dodge and flip all around to avoid any of the robots weapons. Plus Ninjas are cool!

UxU: Can't argue with that.

UxU: How much do you love UxU?

BT: I loooooove UxU! The concept alone, be yourself, be different is so inspiring. I love being an individual and a leader. I think everyone should dare to be different. I am also an artist myself, so to see art work come to life on clothing is amazingly talented. UXU clothing line is empowering creating innovators and encouraging everyone, from underdogs to the go-to-guy. I am definitely down for the UxU movement.

UxU: Great answer. 

UxU: What are some of your upcoming projects?

BT: I like to keep my projects on the down low merely because I like to hit my fans with a BANG! You never know what's coming next when your dealing with Brittani Taylor and I love it that way. I am very open minded and I love for all my work to be Inspiring. One things you can be on the look out for is Animals and Danger. My motto is Sweet Insanity; mixing beauty, uniqueness, talent and ambition. 

UxU: Well we had a great time shooting and speaking with you and wish you the best with you career! 

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