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Music Monday 4.8.13 Joey Phantom

Good morning UxU fans. We got another one!

This artist reps his New Orleans roots, but currently resides in the DMV. He goes by the name of Joey Phantom.  

His most recent project, I Am What I Am is a self-proclamation. He is a product of what he has endured, but that is not the end of his story. This album is a look into his life. Phantom’s lyrics are honest and his entire flow emanates a cool vibe. The beats on his mixtape are definitely something to chill and ride to. His music is a direct reflection of who he has become and why. “I’m really calm,” he said. “When you rap to calm beats, you can really hear yourself and you can really see things and put them into perspective.”

Phantom listens to more old school Hip Hop than anything else, and he appreciates the first heavyweights. He listens to a lot of Outkast, Biggie, Nas, Scarface, Jay-Z, and the list goes on. He even credits the late Soulja Slim as a direct influence to his style and flow. Although he does listen to A$AP, Ace Hood and a few others, old school is where he tends to float back to for inspiration.

“I’m a rapper,” Phantom said. “You can’t be out here listening to everybody’s songs because you don’t want to sound like them. I want to sound like one of those guys.” 

Messages and the sound of Hip Hop are completely different nowadays. Phantom wants to bring back the old school vibe to Hip Hop. He believes that music now is completely different and doesn’t reflect the same passion and honesty from its beginnings. He wants to revamp it, but still maintain its authenticity.

“Music is twisting and turning,” he said. “It’s going everywhere. You gotta grab hold of it and pull some of it your way.”

Phantom defines his style as versatile, but he doesn’t want his music to reflect Gangsta Rap. He knows that all eyes are on him, and he wants to lead by example. Phantom believes that youth are a huge following in Hip Hop and he wants to help influence them positively.

“It’s all about your image,” he said. “You gotta get people to follow you and believe in you. All it is is influencing the youth, and you gotta influence them the right way. I have to show people that there’s more to life.”

He hopes that one day he’ll be able to give back to his community in a way that will help them prosper. Phantom says that “you can’t eat and watch everyone else starve.” It’s important to know where you came from and not leave those that helped you behind.

Here are some other things we asked Phantom:

Favorite track on his mixtape:

“Hallucination” make sure you check it out!!

Direct influence on his life currently:

Jay-Z…admires his grind, come-up, and humble beginnings

Future collabs, dead or alive:

Tupac, Biggie, and Soulja Slim

Currently listening to:

Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z, and Nas

His second project is in the works, so be on the lookout for it within the next few months. Phantom says that this one will be stronger and very different. His style changes often. Until then, download

I Am What I Am

 on sooner than later.

Download Mixtape

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