UxU Presents: The Circle Episode 1

So today I'm are very excited to present our first sketch comedy video. I had this idea for a while and the other night after a meeting we decided to give it a go. It was meant to be a test run but we liked it so much we decided to make it our first one. The series is based off of That's 70's show's "Circle" scenes. Check it out below and be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube in order to see more of the series as well as other videos we post in the future. Enjoy. 

Show Yourself :: Rocket

     For those of you who don't know I do a couple different video series. One of those is called "Show Yourself". This is where I interview different people I find interesting mostly artist but I don't want to narrow it down to just that because I plan on going broader to all types of people. 

     The past Sunday on a spur of the moment I shot the fifth episode (The rest can be seen on my Vimeo page) with Slice's friend Rocket in Georgetown. It was really nice meeting her and I loved the message she had to say.