Diesel Dessert :: TheSweetTooth Party

There's a smell of change in the Nation's Capital...

No, not Obama's third term, no matter how much we wish that were an option. We're talking about a different kind of change; an important issue that's been gaining more and more support in our country during the past couple of years. Marijuana. Ever since the legislation passed to legalize recreational marijuana in Washington DC, it's hard to walk through the city without smelling the distinct aroma. On top of that, there's been a surge to the voice and activeness of the DC weed culture and a plethora of events that cater to the newly public demographic. Diesel Dessert is one of the businesses that has risen from this newfound opportunity. 


Ran by DC native, Bri, Diesel Dessert brings homemade, quality edibles to the 21 and over crowd of the city. And man has the city been snacking happily!

UxU was invited to vend at their latest event and like everywhere else we show up, we filled the space with positive energy and showed what the UxU Movement is all about. Not only were the edibles amazing, but the event was filled with amazing vibes from the attendees, awesome food and drank, and the DJ was bumpin that fiyah. 

It was fantastic meeting and talking with everyone and UxU can't wait until the next event. Follow Diesel Dessert on Instagram to hear when they're throwing another event. We will definitely be in attendance. Check out the photos below to see what you missed.

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