section 2 - PERSONALITY 

What traits do you want to come to mind when your fans think of you?

Mysterious? Confident? Serious? Fun?

How do you present yourself in a public space? Are you bold and brash with your thoughts and actions or do you prefer to project more mindful and diligent with the messages you send out? Your personality can be a major driving force improving the quality of your brand and can create special opportunities for you based on the audience you attract with it. Your personality is the totality of your core beliefs and values that you display in real life and on social media as well.

This tonality will become brand standard in your music, content, website, etc to ensure that your fans always see the the attributes of you as an artists you intend to show.

Social Media Examples


50 Cent (@50Cent) does this well on social media. When you read his tweets and Instagram posts there is always a sense of humor with a brand voice that can be defined as “Petty. Bully. Troll.” and 50 Cent has been consistent with that for years.

Wendy’s (@Wendys) is a fast food restaurant that was able to bring so much personality to its voice on social media that people follow their Twitter just to see what they will say next.

Another example is an artist by the name of Pretty Boy. While he not be the biggest, but he has one of the strongest and unique personalities on social media today. So much so, that with only 20k followers on Instagram, music legend Teddy Riley, came across his account and wanted to meet him in person. As a matter of fact after they met and Teddy Riley saw Pretty Boy was genuinely a real-life version of his social media personality, Riley decided to work seriously with Pretty Boy. Here’s his Instagram. (@IamPrettyBoyBaby)

We chose these particular profiles to show the range of possibilities you can project through your social media voice. Of course, there are gimmicks and trends that many will choose to copy.

Keep in mind, your personality and values shouldn’t only be felt through your social media. These attributes should be felt through the design and content of your website, your music videos, interviews, photos, album art, and anything else associated with your brand. A voice that can be felt through any medium shows a well-refined voice and personality.