Raza Ry

Meet: Raza Ry

… the President and Founder of UxU Agency.

His role is comprised of managing the creative and marketing teams, bringing in new clients, managing current clients, overseeing projects that consist of photography, videography, directing, graphic design, web design, and even consulting! A list that any creative CEO is absolutely used too.

As young as he is, he has 10 years experience of working in various industries and mastering multiple trades of production, with photography and videography being his specialties. He is not utilizing his eclectic background to grow and manage a creative team that is able to solve creative problems for various types of businesses. (*Not sure if you meant to say ‘not’ using in your original response.)

"Team work makes the dream work!” This statement being his favorite quote speaks directly to his role with UxU and his mission that he sets forth for the agency.

His top 3 favorite Podcast/Books:

- “Crushing It” by GaryVee

- “The 50th Law” by Robert Greene

- “You Can't Teach A Kid To Ride A Bike At A Seminar” by David Mattson

When asked to define the mission of UxU, he states that “its to help businesses find what makes them unique and teach them how to share it with the world so they can grow.”

What does he like about working with UxU, you may ask? Well, for him its the family atmosphere that brings everyone together. Being able to help clients find that "AH-HA!" moment when solving their creative issues is a great feeling of accomplishment.

His favorite UxU project is titled, “Selina” Dance Video. This video was a creative content project that just lined up perfectly. A client with an original and intriguing idea, a realistic timeline, and an open mind to be coached. Since it was a multi-day shoot over the course of two months, he and the crew really got to learn one another on set and the entire team came together with a very powerful synergy. The emotion and connection could be felt in the final product and was a key reason the project was such a success and boosted Selina's social status.

Raza’s artistic journey started in 2008 in graffiti which is where the name "Raza" came from as it was his last ‘tag name’. He quickly transitioned into graphic design through a love for Photoshop. A close friend saw his skills growing with the program and approached him to start a clothing line. Wanting to create a brand that represented who they were as people, they gave it the name "Unique and Uncontemporary". Shortly after starting the clothing brand, he discovered his natural talent with the camera and pursued to master this new tool while growing the clothing line in college. While in college, he worked directly in the nightlife industry promoting events and shooting pictures in clubs. This experience expanded into working with models, musicians, chefs, and other entrepreneurs that needed his photography services. In 2016, his side hustle overtook the clothing line and gave birth to UxU Agency. He states the following, “As an agency, we are focused on helping businesses become equipped with everything essential for their

growth and success. We realize that every business and entrepreneur has their own "Unique and Uncontemporary" qualities that can be brought to the forefront to garner attention and have increased leads.”

His drive is directly correlated to his values that include integrity, professionalism and

astuteness. When not working, he loves watching movies with his fiancé and plotting and planning with the team.

Wanna check him out on social media? Follow @razary for everything!