So you were probably walking around and saw one of these stickers... Or maybe you noticed it on top of some random picture from Tumblr... Or someone from our team just handed you this... 

Let's make this short and sweet. You've probably heard us going by either “Unique And Uncontemporary” or “UxU.” Both titles equate to the same group. They're two different entities under the same house. “UxU” is the clothing brand and “Unique And Uncontemporary” is the lifestyle movement that we are pushing for harder than ever. The box logo that you’ve been seeing around, including the one you see above, is the representation of that movement. 

UNCNTMPRY is short for "Uncontemporary" which is even shorter for "Unique And Uncontemporary." Our movement is defined by the two traits we try to live by every day: being Unique in our thinking and lifestyle and being Uncontemporary by not sticking to what's "modern" or "new" (i.e. trends and fads). We are a brand that openly accepts you for you (every pun intended). 

Break away from society and take the time to find out who YOU are as a person without the influences of others. Your life will be more fulfilled and ultimately you will find what truly makes you happy. We guarantee it. Now that you know what the movement is, isn't it about time you joined? Also, make sure you visit our About Us page to learn more about what we stand for as a brand!