UxU Internships

Here at UxU we aim to provide young creatives and entrepreneurs an opportunity to get a hands feel for what it means to be in the media production industry!  All interns will work closely with the current team members to get an in depth understanding of the culture that we develop here at UxU that is centered in creating the most comfortable and client friendly environment to ensure the best creative output.  We have internships available in three departments at this time including graphic design; videography/photography and brand correspondents.  Check out each position in depth and see if you have what it takes to be a part of the UxU Crew!!

Graphic Designer


We’re looking for a Graphic Designer to join our team as an intern to assist with in-house design work and client design work. 8-12 hours per week.




We’re looking for multiple Photographers and Videographers to join our team as interns to assist with in-house visuals and client media productions work. 10-20 hours per week (4-8 hours per week when there’s no event).

Brand Correspondent 


We’re looking for multiple Brand Correspondents to join our team as interns to assist with keeping UxU effectively connected with our followers, clients, and collaborative partners. 4-10 hours per week.